“ Our constitution is color-blind, and neither knows nor tolerates classes among citizens.” - John Marshall Harlan -
What Sets Us Apart
From The Rest

Siregar Setiawan Manalu Partnership (“SSMP”) was established by three founding partners: Nien Rafles Siregar, Rudi Setiawan, and Bobby Rahman Manalu in 2015.

SSMP combines the expertise of its lawyers with swift responsiveness and transparent client engagement expected of a boutique firm. An expert in his fields of law, each partner is also able to tailor his solution to meet the clients’ immediate and long term business needs. This unique combination allows the firm to deliver no-nonsense and accurate legal approach effectively.

SSMP takes a unique approach towards assisting and representing its clients. Simply put, we are different because of our business-driven approach towards delivering legal solutions to our clients. Many law firms today will endlessly quote the law and obstinately discuss the finer points of law, completely forgetting that the clients need legal and/or business solutions to their problems, not lessons in law. Rest assured, this is not us.


“ Our vision is to be the leading Indonesian litigation law firm, by means of building a legacy of no less than excellent works as well as unrivalled integrity to the next generation without lacking of any personal touch to each of our valued client.

Achieving this demands a tireless pursuit of providing outstanding legal services, nurturing long-term client relationships, dedicated people and commitment to community service.”

We appreciate our clients’ needs, being always mindful of their immediate and long-term business plan. We craft our clients’ litigation strategy in their best interest in mind. Because we appreciate the clients’ business goals, our legal solutions are at all times tailored to meet and synchronise with such goals – we offer to combine our litigation expertise, in-depth commercial understanding and pragmatism.

Business goals lie at the heart of our services, therefore, our clients can expect straightforward legal advice from us, separating the essentials form the non-essentials. We deliver no-nonsense business-driven legal solution with the responsiveness of a boutique firm and the expertise of a large firm, all in cost-effective package.

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